"Style is made out here"

"Style is made out here" means that, in life and in style, we're at our best when we go outside our comfort zone and try things that aren't necessarily familiar. Once upon a time, I started Style Out Here as a men's fashion blog devoted to exploring and promoting these intermediary undefined genres of fashion. Along this journey, I learned that fashion is only a medium through which extraordinary people express themselves and make a statement, through which they break traditional conventions and promote forward progress in the world.

However, fashion is also just one of many mediums used by these revolutionaries to push boundaries, whereas "style" is an all-encompassing descriptor for all the mediums that make them stand out. The next generation of genre-subverting people deserves to be showcased not only for their fashion-personalities, but their skills, lifestyles, careers, accomplishments, and more that are the extensions of their style. In a modern world with so many possibilities, yet that isn't always conducive to individuality, everybody needs an inclusive showcase to show them the possibilities that exist outside of the box.

The city of Calgary is the perfect micro-chasm of the world that we hope to make a difference in. A city heavily and notoriously embedded with traditional values of gender, self-expression, art, style, and more. A city where creative people more often end up assimilating or leaving. However, even here these inspiring people exist and even thrive; they just need a platform to show others that it's possible. This city has a potentially infinite variety of people and styles just waiting to prove that there's more here than meets the eye.

Hence, Style Out Here is that platform. Through a stylistic lens, we highlight the people and brands of YYC and throughout Canada who have pursued things outside their comfort zone and outside convention. Whether it's seeing a new clothing combination or seeing somebody use that combination while creating a whole new art form, we believe that even the small subversions can inspire people in big ways. The logo represents the opportunity waiting for those who decide to break barriers and define their own space outside the box.

Today, I seek to do what my simple fashion blog never could: to actively explore and recognize the value of every life and style in their contribution towards an inclusive and diverse world.

- Hayden