Hayden Pattullo

Hayden is the founder of Style Out Here and the creator of this website. All blog posts are written by Hayden and all photos are taken by Hayden (except where indicated). Writing about myself in the third person aside, I would describe my own lifestyle as an eclectic mix of local event-seeking, people-meeting, urban-exploring, and sneaker-obtaining. My own style is hard to define in any concise manner, however I am most fond of modern streetwear as it allows for so much experimentation and intermingling with other menswear tropes.

Along with my fascination for documenting the lives and styles of Calgary citizens, I am also a passionate student and, consequently, am involved with both of Calgary's two main universities. I graduated from Mount Royal University in 2015 with have a bachelor's degree majoring in communication - information design (graphic design, technical writing, and user-experience design) and minoring in English studies. Then in fall of 2015, I began my three-year master of architecture degree at the University of Calgary. In my limited spare time, I enjoy snowboarding (mostly slopestyle riding), cross-country and downhill mountain biking, cooking (I particularly enjoy making curries and sushi), reading books usually by Malcolm Gladwell, and traveling.