Indecisive November Outfit Inspiration: Day 1

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This is it guys. The beginning of November. The beginning of winter. The beginning of colder temperatures. The beginning of a new wardrobe rotation, and the end of the fall season. Fall is great, because you can usually pull off a huge variety of outfits without straying into being “too-hot” or “too-cold.” Winter is great because…. you get to re-wear the sole outfit that’s tolerably warm in -30 degrees every day. Yay?

Because fall is such a stylistically and climatically harmonious month in Calgary, we typically spend the months of September and October trying to neglect the changing weather and cling to our fall wardrobe. But for Calgary’s on-trend young men, like it or not, this the unavoidable moment in the seasonal transition where pieces like their ripped biker jeans and flyknit runners no longer… fly.

However, taking into account the notoriously indecisive climate of our city, the temperatures over the first couple weeks of November could range anywhere between 20 degrees above zero and 999.9 degrees below zero. In other words, there’s still hope for wearing modified versions of your mild-weather ‘fits before its minus 999.99 degrees every day and you’re consistently dressed for an expedition on planet Hoth. Take some cues from this mini-series over the next few days in how to fully exploit the last vestiges of fall, while having a survivable option for each god-given semi-warm day you may encounter. Our first outfit is.....

The Chinook-Arch Spring Breaker

Jeans by  H&M , shirt by  Banana Republic , Jacket from  A Vintage Affair

Jeans by H&M, shirt by Banana Republic, Jacket from A Vintage Affair

Where I live (Calgary, Alberta), we get weather phenomena called "Chinooks," which are unseasonably warm days in the middle of winter. ’m not a weatherman, but what I can tell you is that there will probably be at least one +10 degree Chinook day in November, and in the context of the days before, it will probably feel like its the last day of school before summer vacation. Carpe the heck out of the diem and dress appropriately with a flashy varsity jacket and slim cut dark indigo jeans. Layer a warm wool or cotton, neutral-colour polo underneath to keep it somewhat seasonally appropriate and functional.