Fall fashion is coming, don't get left in the dark


Every year as summer approaches its end, the darkness starts to creep in as the season's fall fashion begins to take over. It's that time of year, and as such, the colorful palette of summer whimsy has already begun to transition into the characteristically muted and darkened tones of fall.

You can go browse the Internet and see all the forecasted colours and styles for the upcoming season, but two things you can always count on are black and grey. As we enter this transitional period, you can't go wrong experimenting with combinations of black, white, and grey while you research which specific Pantone colour trend to throw your support (and money) behind. 

Try mixing a unique, one off hat like the Neighborhood x Adidas NA cap shown here into your prep outfits. Find a bold pattern long sleeve polo and do the buttons all the way up. Invest a few bucks into a slightly longer cut white tee to layer under your fall outerwear. There are a million things to try, and not one of them will leave you feeling left in the dark.


Shirt by Tommy Hilfiger at Tommy.com