Trans-Atlantic Style Challenge Week 2: The Outfits

After a tense week one of voting, @finelyselected ( and myself were challenged by you to create outfits using the colour orange, wood, and a downtown setting. We deliberated for a few days to come up with outfits and get some shots, and now we have the end products ready for your final vote! Take a look at each of our outfits and write-ups below then vote on creativity, quality, concept, or anything to determine who did it best!


Style Out Here

For my outfit, I took inspiration from the unique juxtaposition of downtown Calgary. Its modern and cutting-edge landscape, but conservative business-driven menswear attitude begs for a modern men’s fashion update. Hence, I present my “modern dapper” outfit that takes Calgary’s conservative businesswear undertones then adds modern progressive elements inspired by the scenery. Starting with the formal basics like leather dress shoes, cotton dress pants, button down shirt and tie, and suit jacket, I modernized each piece to create a whole new contemporary combination. Now we have leather hi-tops, cotton joggers, a loud pattern button down and air tie, and a slim cut sport coat. The wood skull-carved bracelet tops it all off.


Finely Selected

When I heard about the results of the voting last week, I a little bit confused at first. I’m a guy that primarily only wears blue, and therefore I was forced to dig deep into my wardrobe to find some orange. I ended up finding an orange necktie that I barely use, and some other pieces to work with it.
Since the tie and a pair of socks were the only orange things that I had to build my outfit around. Hopelessly clueless, I went to London for a brief holiday, and was lucky enough to stumble upon this waistcoat from Massimo Dutti. From there, everything started to come together. As we in Sweden are going in the fast lane towards fall, I wanted to get one more downtown summer day while still being a bit flirtatious with fall. Bright summerish colors and fabrics blended with some darker and more rustic fall colors and materials. My outfit is an expression of a perfect day - a sunny one with a bit of chill in the air.


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