Event Preview: Parkshow 2017

Across the broader arts scene, the past few years have started to seem like the age of the sequel. Incessant reboots of movies, games, etc have truly reminded us that sequels aren't always better. In the fashion world today however, it seems like even the biggest Canadian event series' are lucky to even get a sequel, as evidenced by last year's cancellation of Toronto Fashion Week. 

It's reassuring then, that despite everything else, Calgary's own PARK series coming up next weekend is an annual sequel that never lets you down and always gets better. With last year marking the first multi-night Parkshow format, this year's event strives to build on the new format and once again redefine the cultural landscape in western Canada. What's more, the event is scouting new territory with its location this year, breaking away from the common thread of the past few years to be held at Inglewood's Yellow Warehouse. 

For those unfamiliar with the event, Parkshow consists of a two-night men's and women's fashion show with one night of high-fashion designer-focused presentations from houses such as SP Badu and Malorie Urbanovitch on Friday, and a second night of ready-to-wear niche presentations from brands such as Seed and Lennard Taylor. Saturday and Sunday also feature afternoon pop-up shops from the designers and other local vendors (last year featured some highlights such as gelato and lemonade). Furthermore, my personal favourite part is getting to meet and mingle with some of the most fun designers, photographers, bloggers, and other personalities in Calgary. 

It goes without saying that this awesome event is something you have to experience in person to truly appreciate, so be sure to visit ourparkonline.com for event info and get your tickets at https://ourparkonline.ticketleap.com/parkshow2017/. My recap of last year's event can be found at styleouthere.com/style-out-here-calgary...blog/.../show-out-park-show-2016-recap and lastly, check out the following gallery for some action from previous years.